Cloth Hangers for Balconies

Pull and Dry is the best method of drying clothes in current situation. Drying a cloth is a headache for the houses where you don’t have space, Especially Like High Rise Apartments. Our Clothes Dryer Hanger method using Pull and Dry is the best solution for drying clothes. So our product can be manufactured with your custom size which will fit in easily with any-size balconies.

Ceiling Clothes Hanger for Clothes Drying in Bangalore to service our city especially for apartment balconies where they can’t go to terrace to dry their clothes.

Basically It consist of stainless steel pipes fixed at the ceiling to a holder which carries 4-8 ropes.

Pull and Dry Cloth Hanger’s Product Specification as follows

  • Stainless Steel Rust Proof Ceiling Clothes Hanger ( 6 Pipes F3-001)
  • 100% made In India. Stainless steel ceiling hanger rods last forever and are rust free.
  • Complete installation package increases your ease of installation, easy to install products.
  • Available In multiple size, 3Feet, 4 Feet, 5 Feet, 6 Feet, 7 Feet and 8 Feet, All Packages contain 6 pipes
  • saves lot of space, improve modular living
  • High grade steel, plastic and nylon used for long durability of the product
  • Deluxe Heavy Duty Stainless Steel ( 6 Pipe   6 Feet) Ceiling Clothes Hanger
  • Heavy Duty Ceiling clothes dryer 6 PIPE 6 FEET , 4.5kg
  • Ceiling clothes hanger has metal Pulley rail and Metal hook Plate that Last long
  • UV Protected Nylon rope used and heavy Stainless Steel pipe used which leads to Long Life and high Performance
  • All Necessary fittings along with Installation manual included In the Package
  • Available in multiple sizes 4 Feet, 5 Feet, 6 Feet, 7 Feet and 8 Feet. All packages contain 6 pipes

Kit Consists of

  1. Carry bag with handle
  2. Aluminium pipes (4 with connector, 4 without connector)
  3. Channel pair: 1 with Single Pulley, 1 with Double Pulley
  4. Rope: 4 long, 4 short ropes of the required length
  5. Fitting material consists of – Special Lock Assembly (4), Channel Mounting Screws  (8), Rope End Cap (4), Pipe End Cap (8), and Rawlplug (12).

Technical Specifications

  1. Aluminium Pipes: O.D. 22mm , I.D. 19.8mm Anodised
  2. Channel Length (with mounted Pulley): 24″
  3. Pulley: Delrin
  4. Rope: 4mm., diameter HDPE Double Core
  5. Channel Mounting Screws: 38 x 8 Self Tapping